If you are a nurse and looking for a new job, which state is BEST for nurses? The experts say Missouri has some good things for nurses but there are some concerning issues for nurses... Here are the details you need to know.

According to the latest ranking from WalletHub, Missouri is ranked as the 16th best state for nurses in 2024. Missouri ranks ahead of Illinois which comes in at 23rd, Iowa which ranks 22nd, and Kansas which ranks 26th, but it's not all good news for Missouri.

If you look at the categories, in which the states were ranked, Missouri ranks 11th in the opportunity and competition category for nurses which is great. Still, Missouri has a concerning 25th ranking in the Work Environment category. The work environment category is comprised of things like job growth, nurse-to-bed ratio, work hours, work commute times, and so on. To see the full list of the best and worst states for nurses to work in 2024, click here!

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Overall good, right?

I would say that Missouri ranks pretty well in this WalletHub list. I would love to hear from nurses as to whether they agree that Missouri is a good state to work as a nurse in 2024. If you are a nurse you are working one of the hardest jobs we have today and you definitely shouldn't have to worry about things like a bad work environment, so hopefully, if you are a nurse in a bad situation you can find yourself a better job in a better state for nurses.

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