VERY rarely does a law pass in Illinois that Missouri lawmakers will look to copy and bring to the Show-Me State, but this is one of those rare cases. Which law could be coming across the Mississippi River from Illinois to Missouri? Here are the details...

According to an article from Teen Vogue, Missouri, along with several other states, is looking to copy Illinois' first-of-its-kind law that protects kid influencers from their parents. The law in Illinois requires parents of kid influencers to put money aside for the kids to use when they are adults, if the parents fail to do that the state will protect the kids if they sue their parents for those lost wages.

In the article, they say "Illinois’s groundbreaking legislation that entitles child influencers under the age of 16 to “at least 30% of the [adult vlogger’s] compensated video content produced within a 30-day period [which] included the likeness, name, or photograph of the minor,” The other states that are looking to follow Illinois' lead in this scenario include Missouri, Ohio, California, Arizona, and more, to read more about this, click here!

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Pass it ASAP

Missouri and every other state should pass a law like this. This is NOT a Red vs Blue thing, this is a protect kids issue. We all scroll through social media and see influencers talking about their kids, videoing their kids, and using their kids in their content. If these influencers are using their kids to make money it is no different than a child star like Macaulay Culkin, they deserve to be protected and not be used and abused by their parents for financial gain. Do you agree?

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