A new ranking has unveiled that Missouri might be a place to avoid for business in 2024, with one of Missouri's most important cities being ranked in the bottom 5. Here are the details...

According to the latest ranking from WalletHub, Best Large Cities to Start a Business 2024, St. Louis, Missouri is one of the WORST cities to start a business in. St. Louis ranks 95th out of the Top 100 Big Cities in the US in this ranking from WalletHub, considerably behind cities like Kansas City at 46th, Chicago at 54th, Indianapolis at 34th, and even San Francisco at 78th.

How did WalletHub come up with these rankings? In the article, they say "WalletHub compared the relative startup opportunities that exist in 100 U.S. cities. We did so using 19 key metrics, ranging from the five-year business-survival rate to labor costs to office-space affordability." St. Louis ranks 100th in Availability of Human Capital (aka number of high-end workers) and also ranks 100th in the Business Environment category, to see the full list of cities for yourself, click here!

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Not Good...

This is a BAD ranking for St. Louis. Overall, Florida, Texas, and North Carolina, really separate themselves from the rest of the country in this ranking. Missouri at least can tout the growth and the top 50 ranking for Kansas City, but there has to be a concerted effort from the leaders of the Show-Me State to make St. Louis more competitive for new businesses going forward.

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