Yes, the Atlanta Falcons shocked us when they drafted Penix Jr., but they didn't have the worst NFL Draft this year, that title belongs to a team that I don't believe will make the playoffs again for a long time...

If you don't want to read my thoughts on which NFL team had the worst draft this year, you can listen and watch them below on my YouTube channel!

If you are still with me, the answer is the Denver Broncos, they had the worst draft this year.

The Broncos decided at pick number 12 to take the 6th best QB in the draft in Bo Nix, and in doing so pass on some really talented players.

I said before the draft that the Broncos should tank the 2024/2025 season and try to be able to draft the top QB in the 2025 draft, someone who could have the upside they need to compete against Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert in their division. Obviously, the Broncos decided, nope we are going with Bo Nix...

The biggest issue I have is that people think Broncos coach Sean Payton can turn Bo Nix into Drew Brees 2.0, and if he accomplishes that and Bo Nix throws for 5,000 yards like Drew and leads the Broncos to the playoffs, I will eat crow and be proven wrong. But the odds of that are slim to none.

Bo Nix at his best could become Dak Prescott, and we all know in the AFC with Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Lamar, Cj Stroud, Trevor Lawrence, Herbert, Aaron Rodgers, and more that just isn't going to be good enough to win a Super Bowl.

My prediction, the Denver Broncos won't make the playoffs in the next 5 years...

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