There are lots of differences between the Land of Lincoln and the Show-Me State, but it is shocking how different Illinois and Missouri are in this ONE major category, and it's not good for Missouri...

According to the latest ranking from WalletHub, Missourians use drugs more than almost any other state in the US. Missouri ranks 6th in WalletHub's list of Drug Use by State in 2024, behind only New Mexico (Breaking Bad), West Virginia, Nevada, Washington DC (doesn't really count, Missouri should be 5th on this list), and Colorado.

Compare that to the Land of Lincoln, Illinois comes in below average on this list at 29th, and Illinois ranks 41st in Drug Health Issues & Rehab compared to Missouri's 8th place ranking in that category. And Illinois ranks much lower than other states with legalized marijuana, like Oregon, Michigan, Vermont, and more. To see the full list of Drug Use by State in 2024, click here!

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Missouri vs Illinois

I'm certainly not here to shame Missouri or praise Illinois (lord knows if you read a lot of my previous articles I bash the Land of Lincoln A LOT), but I will say this is alarming for the good people of Missouri. You never want to be on a list where you are mentioned in the same breath as West Virginia and Drug Use... There is tons of stuff that Missouri does better than Illinois, but this is one of those rare black marks on the Show-Me State's report card that they need to address ASAP.

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