A few weeks ago, I shared data from the last complete year which revealed only 2 Missouri hospitals received a 'D' rating for patient safety. Brand new data for Spring of 2024 has now been released and it shows that now a half dozen Missouri hospitals have fallen to that nearly bottom category.

Hospital Safety Grade uses many metrics to determine whether they believe a hospital is providing sufficient safety for patients and staff, but there are four main categories:

  • Errors
  • Injuries
  • Accidents
  • Infections

With those factored in, here is the updated list just shared for Spring 2024 of Missouri hospitals that received the lowest grade of 'D'. I want to emphasize this is not my data or conclusion, but that of this survey.

The only Missouri hospital on this list that I've had any experiences with is Hannibal Regional Hospital and my family received nothing but the best care. I've had family that have been doctors within their system also. I'm not questioning data from Hospital Safety Grade because they're just using numbers, but I would encourage anyone considering a hospital to do their own research and don't make any decisions based on one site's metrics.

I would only use these grades as a jumping off point to do your own investigation into which hospitals you'll put your trust in. I am living proof that not all of these lists are necessarily accurate in the real world.

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