Since I was born and raised in Hannibal, I'm not exactly the most objective person when it comes to pros and cons about my birthplace and childhood home. I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised though when I saw that Hannibal was just named the best summer destination in Missouri. Could it really be true?

This is not a list I created with my imagination. This is high praise that was just shared by Only In Your State which rattled off what they consider to be the 15 best things you can do in Missouri this summer. If you look at #1 on their list, you'll see a familiar town...

Only In Your State
Only In Your State

Full Disclosure: I was a finalist for the Tom and Becky competition when I was in 7th grade. Thanks red hair and freckles. You made that happen.

Whoever put this list together knows Hannibal pretty well. They gave shout outs to National Tom Sawyer Days, the Hannibal BBQ Festival and even the farmer's market in Central Park on Saturdays. Nice. Music Under the Stars on Thursday even gets a mention. Like I said, whoever put this list together knows us well.

Hannibal was even placed higher than Branson which typically gets all of the "best this" and "best that" lists awards.

I've always felt like Hannibal got undeserved criticism over the years for different issues that were sometimes blown out of proportion. Does my birthplace have challenges? Sure. All towns do. Would I have wanted to be born and raised somewhere else? NO WAY.

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