The official start to the NFL season is months away, but the Kansas City Chiefs just made a huge announcement.

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With limited capacity for the previous season at Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs just announced they will be at full capacity for the 2021 season. So, they loudest stadium will be in full effect next season, with all 76,000 seats available to Chief fans. 

The news is coming just days before the release of the schedule, which comes out on Wednesday night. Tickets will then go on sale starting Thursday at Noon. I feel like this is a big win for fans, and a sign of hope that everyone is starting to open up all the stadiums to full capacity. I have not seen any other team announce what they are planning on doing to the 2021 season, but fingers-crossed the Chiefs won't be the last team to announce a full capacity season.

I am really hoping the MLB opens up more seats this summer and mask are not requires (that part is wishful thinking). I just can't image sitting in the summer heat, watching a game wearing a mask, but we are getting closer. If you're a Chiefs fans and didn't get to go to a game last year, I have a funny feeling that not only are these tickets going to be high in price, but that they will go really fast. Either way, it was be nice to see the loudest stadium on Earth full again.

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