There is a holiday that has landed on the same Monday in February since it was first instituted. There are many in Missouri that think it might someday be moved and a growing number that say it should.

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As Time and Date says, President's Day in 2024 will happen on Monday, February 19, 2024. It's always set for the third Monday in February. There's a movement in Missouri to have this holiday moved up by one week. Why?

Why should Missouri move this February holiday?

There's a Harris Poll just shared that says more than 16 million Americans plan on missing work on Monday, February 12, 2024. An even higher percentage is expected to miss work in Missouri. Why?

Answer - Super Bowl Sunday

The outcry is for the Missouri to celebrate President's Day the Monday after the Super Bowl has a lot to do with how the Kansas City Chiefs are an almost constant threat to play for the NFL championship. As long as Patrick Mahomes is the quarterback, there's a good chance that Missouri football fans will be celebrating Super Bowl Sunday with many missing work the next day. If President's Day were to be moved to the Monday after the Super Bowl, it's a win-win (football pun intended).

USA Today says that for President's Day to be moved to the day after the Super Bowl, Congress would have to pass a law so this wouldn't be solely in Missouri's hands. There are dozens of petitions that have been circulated to try and get momentum towards legislation getting done. As long as the Kansas City Chiefs dynasty continues to grow, you can count on many Missouri employees taking a sick day Mondays after the big game.

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