It's good to be Travis Kelce pretty much all the time, but it's even better now that he has a sweet new mansion in the Kansas City, Missouri area that you might like to see. Thanks to the internet, I can help.

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I learned of the exact street address of Kansas City Chief's Travis Kelce thanks to an article shared by I'm gonna share it with you since there's no chance anyone can get close to it since it's a very secure, secluded gated community. It's 11541 Cherokee Ct, Leawood, KS 66211. Yeah, I know. Technically it's in Kansas, but I'm in denial about Kansas City also partly being in Kansas and not just Missouri. It's visible on Google Maps, too.

Travis Kelce's new mansion in Leawood, Kansas.
Google Maps

Thanks to a share on TikTok, you can take a peek inside of the $6,000,000 mansion he purchased recently that I hear Taylor Swift probably approves of. Maybe. Yes, Travis Kelce used to live at Briarcliff Wood in Kansas City, but these are his new digs.

Realtor also shared numerous larger pics of Travis' new palace, too. The Kansas City Star is reporting that Taylor Swift is spending the holidays in Mr. Kelce's mansion also. Perhaps they're writing their own "Love Story"? Oh, "Look What You Made Me Do". Taylor Swift puns will stop now.

Buzzfeed says that Taylor Swift is finally sharing details of how her relationship with Travis began saying that it started after he mentioned her on his podcast which she called "metal as hell". She said they secretly met and got to know each other way before the first Chief game she attended. She said by then they were a couple and they would never have "hard-launched a relationship" in public. Hilarious.

Now you know how the rich and famous of the Kansas City Chiefs and music royalty live.

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