Over a hundred utility workers are busy restoring electric service around Hannibal. Lights went out shortly after 7:30 Monday evening as 80 to 100 mile per hour straight line winds roared through parts of town.

5/23 Phone Update at 4 p.m.:  KHMO's Wes Mitchell spoke with Cindy Livesay of Hannibal BPW.  She says 400-500 people remain without power.  Although the Ford Street Substation is back in service, many of the individual outages are complex and difficult to fix due to extensive damage to infrastructure.  The area around Country Club Drive, Virginia St., Virginia Extension, and Paris Avenue are some of the worst hit areas...A timeline to restore power to 100% of residents is unknown at this time...

Cindy Livesay's 4 p.m. Comments:


The following updates were provided by the Hannibal Board of Public Works' Facebook page:

Outage update as of 9:30pm (5/23): The rest of Paulina and Fairway are re-connected, more areas of Cardiff are as well, and Fair Oaks should be coming back on tonight. Our focus tomorrow will be Ford street, Crescent Street, Country Club, Magnolia, Virginia Extension, HLG area, and Greenway. Our outage numbers are dropping and we're very thankful for that. See you bright and early again tomorrow morning!

Outage update as of 11:00am (5/23): We were just able to re-energize the third and final circuit (52) coming out of the Ford St. Substation. All circuits in all substation are fully functioning. With that said, we realize that there are still people without power. They are most likely individualized neighborhood outages and single service outages. Our outage count is now down to 500 people! We're getting there!

Outage update as of 9:10am (5/23): Circuit 52 of the Ford St. substation is back up and running! This does include the high school and middle school! Hooray! 530 people just received electricity! We're working now on Circuit 53.

Outage update as of 5:30am (5/23): Crews are beginning to roll back into the warehouse this morning and preparing for yet another busy 16-18 hour day. Our focus this morning is still to get the 2 remaining circuits out of the Ford St. Substation up and running. We will also have other crews beginning on individualized neighborhood outages. The High School and Middle School are huge priorities. We are hoping to lower our outage numers again today and continue to help restore power. More updates will be available as the day progresses. Again, thank you to our amazing community!

As of 4:00pm (5/22)- The included image can be used to determine which substation supplies service to your home or business. Please note that we are in the process of bring both Indian Mounds and Ford Street substations online however this does not necessarily mean each individual service will be automatically restored. Once all main circuits from each substation have been verified and are in safe working order, individual service restoration will continue. Please continue to call our office with questions or other concerns."

Outage update as of 2:45pm (5/22): The third and final circuit from the Indian Mounds Substation is up and running! Approximately 2,000 people should now have power in that area. We realize that there will be single services and neighborhood outages in that area and all over town. For those areas that are still without power and on the Ford St. Substation: this is our next priority. Once the Ford St. Sub is back on then we wil move to localized neighborhood outages. We're gaining ground.

Outage update as if 2:00pm: Hooray! Indian Mounds Substation was just re-energized and all circuits held! There may be individual services and streets still without power in the Indian Mounds area due to additional damage. Approximately 1,250 customers just received power! We will continue to work hard to restore more!"

BPW crews along with linemen from several other communities have been working since shortly after the storm passed.

KHMO's Bill Shuler talked with Cindy Livesay with the Hannibal Board of Public Works Thursday morning.....