Hannibal Parks and Recreation crews continue to clean up and make repairs in the aftermath of last week’s storms.

To help you with your cleanup, Parks and Rec’s yard waste lot on the soccer fields at the Norfolk and Southern Multi-Sports Park will be open for a few more weeks. Remember the Yard Waste Lot is for anything grown in nature – sticks, branches and leaves, but no bags.

Also, street department maintenance personnel are picking up debris that residents leave at the curb of their residence only until September 12th.

And, crews have been working daily to make the cleanup and repairs necessary to reopen Riverview Park. They plan to have the park reopened to pedestrian and vehicular traffic Saturday. But, some of the pedestrian trails may not be open right away. Crews will not go into your yard to pick up debris.

That late afternoon storm that blew through the area back on August 12 caused extensive damage, with downed trees and power lines and flash flooding, with the Hannibal Filter Plant recording 2.26 inches of rain in just a couple of hours.

Park and Recreation had to close the Aquatic Center Friday due to storm damage, and also had to deal with damage at the marina on the riverfront.

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