Fast food prices are rising it seems more and more every day. A new list of the five worst fast-food chains just came out and Missouri has 21 locations.

If you've been through a drive-thru lately you know fast food is not cheap anymore. Now, some places are trying to keep prices down, but more and more it seems prices are increasing. I went to Five Guys a few weeks ago and for three people we paid over $60. What is going on?

Will it ever end? It seems however some of the best fast foods in the nation are now becoming the worst. Whether it's due to price increases or quality of food Reddit put together a list of the top 5 worst fast food chains, and Long John Silvers came in at number one on that list.

Yum Brands Sells Long John Silver's And A&W Chain Restaurants
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Why are the Number One

If there is any good news for Long John Silvers it's the not pricing that is making this fast food chain claim that number one spot. From readers on Reddit, they have pointed out several food quality issues (not sure if that is any better). However, you can change those issues fairly easily I think.

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Other Restaurants

The other restaurants making the list include Burger King (2), Subway (3), KFC (4), and Del Taco. I have since taken a side step when going out to dinner EVERYWHERE is expensive. It is more of a treat now than ever before.

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