The FDA urges Missouri residents who use a popular spice used in drinks, cooking, and popular recipes to be thrown away because of what was found after testing.

What's the Spice?

The FDA is highly recommending the spice Cinnamon Ground sold by the brand Marcum be thrown away immediately. This particular spice is sold in Missouri Save a Lot stores. In a product testing study, the FDA found elevated levels of lead that are unsafe to digest.

FDA Website/Canva
FDA Website/Canva

As a result of these findings, the FDA is advising Missouri customers to throw away all products of the Marcum Cinnamon Ground with a Best Buy stamp of 10/16/25 and 4/06/25 usage date.

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There is some good news, there have been o illnesses reported, yet, from this product. However, if this product is used it could cause high levels of lead in the blood which could lead to health issues.

Long-term exposure (months to years) to elevated levels of lead in the diet could contribute to adverse health effects, particularly for the portion of the population that may already have elevated blood lead levels from other exposures to lead.

Search your all your spices now and if you happen to have this product throw it away immediately. You may be out a few dollars, but it's worth it not dealing with the effects of lead which could lead to other health issues.

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