Missouri is known for all things BBQ, and there are so many amazing places to try, but according to some experts, the most beloved dish is not BBQ.

In Missouri, it's hard to imagine that anything is better (regarding food) than BBQ in the Show-Me State. However, Love Food says that not BBQ, but Toasted Ravolil is the most beloved dish in Missouri.


The fried goodness of ravioli with marinara sauce is the top dish Missourians love to eat over BBQ. Not sure about that. I mean, yeah, toasted ravioli is delicious, but to have it over some tasty BBQ? Not sure if I would pick that anytime. I feel that dish is for when you have pizza or Italian food, then yes, you order toasted ravioli. But when you want finger-licking food BBQ is always the best way to go.

I have a funny feeling that this dish was picked as the most beloved because it was invented in St. Louis. So I would imagine that a dish created in the state and city would become the state's most beloved dish, but what about burnt ends? Apparently, that was invented in Missouri and is BBQ and might (maybe) be better than toasted ravioli.

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Just like deep dish pizza (the most beloved dish in Illinois) toasted ravioli has made a stand of being the best when it comes to Missouri dishes.

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