We always talk about where to get the best pizza, steak, and restaurant in Missouri, but there's a new place shaking things up and now is the best place to get a burger in the Show-Me State.

Welcome to 5 Star Burgers in St. Louis the one-stop restaurant where you can get any burger your way. Want a veggie burger? They got'em. Want a turkey burger? Guess what...they have that too. Even bison plus all the toppings you can think of.

Love Food says no matter what you order at 5 Star Burgers everything tastes too good, but there is one menu item that is a must try the Green Chili Cheeseburger.

a patty topped with pepper Jack cheese, green chili mayo, and crispy New Mexico hatch chilies.

The menu is stacked (no pun intended) with different burgers. Like the Breakfast of Champions - topped with American cheese, tomato-bacon jam, sunny-side-up egg, and hollandaise sauce, and the prices are not that bad.

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We have been in St. Louis a ton lately looking for different local places to try so I am putting this place on our radar for visiting. I've always said it's so hard to decide where in the entire state is the best place to get any type of food, but that is why we have people to do that for us and even though there might be multiple places to get the best pizza, best coffee, or even the best burger at least we have some idea when we travel where to go for a bite to eat.

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