Perhaps it's a good thing I don't read many books anymore because a new one has laid out a chilling scenario that plays out extraordinarily fast. If war breaks out, Missouri would likely be gone within the first 72 minutes.

There's a new book that's just become available through publisher Penguin Random House called Nuclear War - A Scenario. The author Annie Jacobsen sat down with Politico and described what this hypothetical scenario would look like.

I won't spoil the details or her interview with Politico because it looks like an interesting read and interview, too. But, I'll give you a snapshot of why everyone in Missouri should consider checking it out.

Yes, this is obviously a fictional book, but her fiction is based on newly-declassified facts that reveals a conflict that very well could happen any moment and it could descend into madness rather quickly. Here's the short version:

The leader of North Korea launches a missile at the Pentagon and a sub attacks a nuclear reactor in California. Her story reveals the President of the United States would have only 6 minutes to decide how to react. The missiles travel or Russia who would then respond because they think they're being attacked.

One of the first targets in this sudden nuclear war beginning would be multiple targets in Missouri. We know this because that's exactly what Putin just threatened a couple months ago.

The truth is the 72 minutes estimation is optimistic. In Annie Jacobsen's book, the entire country is gone within the first 72 minutes of conflict. Since intelligence is saying Missouri would be one of the first states impacted by a nuclear attack, we'd be fortunate to survive the first half hour if that.

Sound outrageous? I used to read a lot of Tom Clancy who also based many of his books on military intelligence he learned. Annie Jacobsen's book "Nuclear War - A Scenario" comes from that same place. Let's hope like Tom's many novels, Annie's remains a work of fiction and not premonition.

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