I would like to know where parts of the internet gets their information. There are multiple major websites claiming that a Missouri prepper paradise is mysteriously and suddenly back on the market again, but I have questions.

I don't know if you remember this, but more than 2 years ago, I shared how a secret Missouri prepper paradise was available near Mountain Grove, Missouri. At the time, the asking price was $314,900.

Now, MSN, The New York Post and even Barstool Sports are claiming it's back on the market with an asking price of $300,000. For the record, the Barstool Sports article dates back to 2023.

Here's the problem. The original Realtor.com listing for Highway MM, Mountain Grove, Missouri says "Off Market". So what's going on? I think I know, but as a refresher, here are the pics originally shared when it was originally listed back in 2022.

Missouri Prepper Paradise - Survival Bunker Hidden in the Ozarks

Gallery Credit: Stacy Matherly, Keller Williams Southern Missouri Realty, Realtor.com

All of the new articles that say this Missouri prepper place is back on the market seem to reference The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. They curiously do NOT link to any actual real estate listing showing that this Missouri property really is back on the market. It's entirely possible that the MLS data hasn't been updated and it really is available again or it's also possible that multiple major website are basing their info on an iffy article based overseas. Hey, I'm not judging, but I'm suspicious.

Is this Missouri prepper paradise really available again? I'd classify this as a questionable maybe. 

Missouri Doomsday Bunker Near Kansas City Plunges Down 3 Stories

Gallery Credit: Atlas Survival Shelters via YouTube

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