Well if you ever wanted to take that long-awaited road trip in Illinois you probably should take Route 45.

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Route 45 travels North to South in Illinois and is by far the largest highway in the Land of LInchin. For 428 miles Route 45 runs from the Brookport Bridge over the Ohio River at Brookport north sections of eastern Illinois and through the suburbs of Chicago to the Wisconsin state line. Now that's a road trip.

Attractions of Route 45

It may be a long road trip, but there don't seem to be many fun stops. Route 45 passes through Effingham, Mattoon, Champaign, Rantoul, Kankakee, several Chicago Suburbs, and to the Wisconsin border. Now, I am sure there are things to do in each town, but if you were thinking about finding the largest ketup bottle you're not going to find it on this trip.

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Many of you might be taking a spring break road trip coming up and even though Route 45 would be cool to drive the whole time on, you're not going to see much other than fields and highway.

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