Ice cream fixes everything. It's the one food that everyone seems to enjoy, so when Yelp claims they found one place in Missouri you have to try for a cool treat my ice cream senses were peaked.

Sadly you will have to travel to Kansas City, but on the positive side, it gives you a chance to take a really cool road trip. Yelp says Betty Rae's Ice Cream is the top spot to go in Missouri for the best cool treat. The only problem you will have is deciding which flavor you are going to try.

Every flavor you can think of, and some you didn't, you will find at Betty Rae's. Their menu looks so amazing so it's no wonder that Yelp named this place as the best of the best.

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The shop must be extremely good because it's the only shop in Missouri that Yelp chose. Now, I would add Becky's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor & Emporium in Hannibal. It might be small, but my family and I always stop in for an ice cream cone, even on cold winter days.

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