Have you ever driven past a barn with a colorful star and wondered why? I always assumed it was merely decorative, but as it turns out, there's also much history and symbolism behind these rural icons.

Origin of the Barn Star

The tradition of barns with stars can be traced back to early Dutch and German settlers in America. Believing in the protective powers of the star, they adorned their barns with these symbols to ward off evil and give good luck to their fields. Whether painted directly onto the barn or hung as a separate ornament, the barn star has remained a symbol for farmers for several years.

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What Do Barn Star Colors Mean?

Did you know that the color of a barn star holds its significance? Each star color has a distinct meaning, adding layers of symbolism to these rustic decorations. From vibrant red to serene violet, the color of the star imparts a unique message:

What Do Barn Star Colors Mean?

Gallery Credit: Samantha Barnes

So now when I am driving I will be looking for these barn stars and trying to remember the meaning of each color. So, the next time you find yourself on a country drive, take a moment to appreciate the humble barn star and the rich tapestry of meaning woven into its colorful presence.

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