I may like to speed now and then. Ok! More than I should probably, but I am just going with the flow of traffic. At least that is what I tell myself, but I have never gone over the speed limit like one motorist did in Missouri.

People get speeding tickets all the time, but nothing like what's on record as the fastest speeding ticket (so far) that was given in Missouri. Back in April 2020, the driver of a Dodge Charger was caught speeding over 78 MPH over the speeding limit. I get scared when I go over 5 MPH the speed limit, can you image 78?

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Missouri's Fastest Speeding Ticket

This driver was clocked doing 148 MPH on Missouri Highway 65 in Pettis County (around the Sedalia area). On average, Missourians are pulled over daily for going over 100 MPH. It doesn't say what the driver's penalty was, but I can imagine it was a pretty hefty ticket.

Now, like I mentioned earlier, when I travel to Kansas City or even St. Louis I find myself going much faster than the posted speed limit. But everyone else around me is doing the same speed so I am just keeping up with traffic.

Speed Laws in Missouri

The maximum speed limit in Missouri is 65. Now, I've always been told no matter what start you are in you can do anywhere between 5 and 7 MPH over the speed limit (which I do and have never been pulled over).

Just as long as you're not doing 78 MPH over the limit on a Missouri Highway I think you will be fine speeding (just a little) where you can.

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