Every business checked passed an alcohol sale compliance check by Hannibal Police on Friday.

Police checked ten convenience stores and grocery stores as part of a continuing effort to reduce availability of alcoholic beverages to minors.

Businesses checked Friday were...
Abel’s              804 Mark Twain Ave                            Compliant
Abel’s              2859 James Rd                                   Compliant
Ayerco             1208 Mark Twain Ave                         Compliant
BP                   624 Mark Twain Ave                            Compliant
CVS                3601 McMasters                                  Compliant
Pick-A Dilly      2610 St Mary’s                                    Compliant
Pick-A-Dilly      3906 McMasters                                 Compliant
Pick-A-Dilly      1329 Mark Twain Ave                         Compliant
Save-A-Lot      1222 Broadway                                   Compliant
Wal-Mart          3650 Stardust                                    Compliant

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