Employees showing up for work today at the Ruby Tuesday on Broadway were greeted with a sign informing them the place has shut down, and thanking customers for their patronage.

Ben Braun, Townsquare Media
Ben Braun, Townsquare Media

According to reports, there were employees in the store, but they would never say where the sign came from. I just ate lunch there yesterday, but that don't matter if it's gone. Nobody saw the sign until this morning while the sun was bright, but we can speculate that it went up in the darkest night. Of course that's only speculation, no one knows.

But that's the nature of the restaurant industry, she comes and goes. So let's all join in saying "Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday!" Obviously it's too early to even begin to think of what might move into that location, but it's prime real-estate so it's fun to guess who could hang a name on it. When you change with every new day, it is going to be hard to build a customer base, so I hope the next business is able to stick around for years, like Ruby Tuesday was.

Still, I'm gonna miss you...

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