It's a chilling scenario that seems like it should be unreal, but an author with inside information paints a dire picture of what would happen to Illinois if war were to begin. She says Illinois would be gone in much less than 2 hours and that's a conservative estimate.

I used to enjoy reading Tom Clancy novels because it was known that he had inside sources in the military that would provide him realistic understandings of what could happen. There's a current author that shares the same type of background.

Her name is Annie Jacobsen and she has just written a new novel called Nuclear War - A Scenario and it's based on true insider information that includes recently declassified facts about nuclear weapons and what former presidential advisors have told her would be realistic expectations if war were to begin.

Here's the synopsis of what could happen to Illinois based on Annie's novel. Her story begins with a crazy North Korean leader (sound familiar?) who launches two missiles toward America. One targets the Pentagon and the other a nuclear power plant in California. The missiles fly over Russia who's radars believe it's being attacked. What follows is terrifying.

Some of Annie's contacts involve former staff members from the Obama administration who shared with her that the President would have 6 minutes to react to that initial action. There are almost no scenarios that don't result in the destruction of many locations in Illinois within the first 2 hours. 

Truly, the 2 hour estimate is conservative. Illinois would likely be targeted in the initial first strike which would likely begin within 30 minutes if not quicker. As I've shared before, it's not just Chicago that would be a target, but southeastern Illinois also. We also know now that there is evidence of a secret Presidential bunker under Illinois that would also likely be a primary target.

Annie Jacobsen's book "Nuclear War - A Scenario" is a must-read if you're interested in what could be the worst day ever. Let's hope it remains in the realm of fiction only.

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