Crime never sleeps and the perpetrators behind the scams don't either. Here's more proof of that. Did you know that your caller ID can no longer save you from the newest Illinois scam that is being reported statewide.

The Illinois State Police are warning of a new scam where someone will call your phone and claim to be an officer. Here's how the scam works. They claim to be an investigator from the Illinois State Police who are investigating your identity being stolen. They will ask you all kinds of questions so they can "verify who you are". What they're really doing is obtaining your information to steal it themselves.

Perhaps you think, no problem. My smartphone or caller ID will reveal if it's an unknown caller. Think again. 

The Federal Communications Commission says that the bad guys can spoof your phone to make it appear that the call is coming from the Illinois State Police. It's diabolical and makes the request of the caller seem very legit since your phone is identifying the caller as being the Illinois State Police.

The Illinois State Police advise if you get a call from someone claiming to be one of their investigators "ask for the caller’s name, badge number, and phone number, and then hang up".

Please know that bad guys can spoof any number almost any time they want. Even if the name on your phone appears to be a family member or friend, don't give any information if the actual caller is suspicious. Scammers have ways to access contacts in compromised devices which could then be used to try and fool and rip you off.

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