Get those hummingbird feeders ready to go as the 2024 hummingbird spring migration has started.

One of the most majestic and beautiful birds (in my opinion anyway) is making their way to Missouri during the spring migration. Soon you will start seeing hummingbirds take over. The American Bird Conservancy says that hummingbirds can travel up to 5,000 miles every year, and now that the winter months are over they will start heading north to our area.

Interactive Map

The interactive map could tell you approximately when and where hummingbirds will be migrating to this year in the Show-Me State.

I have never been successful with hummingbirds. I have a feeder, but either I am not mixing it right or they are not in the area I live, but I've never seen one on my feeder. The National Audobon Society recommends that each year you empty and clean your feeder, put your feeder out now (even if they are not in the areas yet), and avoid using dish soap when cleaning the feeder.

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That could be what I am doing wrong. I've seen lots of videos on homemade hummingbird feeders that fit on your head and they come to you right in your face with their long beaks. That's a no for me dog...I really would like to keep my eyeballs beaks free.

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