Prospect League officials announce guidelines for pitcher usage effective this season.

Commissioner Bryan Wickline says the guidelines are based on a six man rotation and are intended to help reduce overuse of players.  “All League franchises are committed to protecting these players and create an atmosphere and culture to help them reach their ultimate baseball goals.”

Starting pitchers are limited to no more than 90 pitches. There is an exception for a no-hitter. Under those circumstances, the pitcher may remain in the game until there is a hit, or until he reaches 115 pitches. At that point, he is to be replaced.

Any pitcher--starter or reliever-- throws forty plus pitches in one inning, he must be removed from the game. That pitcher is also required to take the next day off.

Relief pitchers will be limited to four innings and/or a sixty pitch count over a two day span. If a pitcher throws 55 pitches in one game that pitcher will be required to take 2 days off unless he is considered a long reliever or spot starter.

If a reliever pitches two innings in a game and throws 30 pitches; the next day he can pitch in a game 2 innings and 30 pitches. So back to back days would require 2 days off if he threw two innings each day.

Relief pitchers are NOT allowed to pitch in 4 out of 5 games in a row.

If a pitcher throws 40 plus pitches in an inning they are done for the day. This goes for starters or relievers because of the stress involved in that inning.

There are also limits on bullpen sessions. Starters are limited to 25 to 35 pitches after 2 to 3 days rest. The limit is 15 to 20 pitches for back to back sessions.