This is not how these seven teens wanted to start their summer.

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A carnival located just outside of St. Louis was running smoothly until one of the rides broke. The ride was inspected before the carnival ride opened and had worked throughout the day, but suddenly it stopped working while it was in motion and seven teens had to be rescued. Luckily no one was hurt and the ride was removed from the carinal the very next day.

Newsnation reported that both buckets have the ride had people in them and both had to be reduced. Some of the bystanders saw the beam of the ride start to bend before the ride completely stopped.

It took the Kirkwood Fire & Rescue Department about thirty minutes to rescue all of the riders. The cause of why the ride broke is still under investigation.

Just glad to see that no one was hurt and the ride was taken down the very next day, the carnival didn't even attempt to fix it and leave the ride up for the duration of the carnival I am sure they just wanted to keep everyone safe and removed the ride for good.

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