Leave it to thieves to find a new way to try and rip you off. There's a new scheme where porch pirates are using fake Amazon delivery vests to steal from Missouri porches and they can easily be picked up online by anyone.

I was terrified to see how easy it is to purchase what appears like a completely legitimate Amazon delivery vest for a mere $10. This is the real listing from Mercari.


Real Missouri thieves are using this fake Amazon gear to pretend they are real delivery drivers so they can casually walk up to a porch and grab a package and look like they're completely legitimate.

It's not just vests either. This fake Amazon delivery van was found just last month in Missouri.

There are numerous fake Amazon vests available through the Mercari website. It's amazing how you can grab one of these for so little money. Anyone willing to shell out a few dollars with some devious intentions can pretend to be a delivery driver.

Believe it or not, it gets worse. Forbes shared a story not that long ago about how fake Amazon drivers were actually involved with human smuggling and trafficking. Just awful.

It's pathetic that regular people just trying to order items now need to police their porches like a SWAT team to keep things they've paid for from being lifted by the evil villains. Where is Batman when you really need him?

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