It's not exactly breaking news at this point that it was a very special weekend for the skies over Missouri. Many parts of the state had views of the stunning Northern Lights last Friday and also Saturday night. A new time-lapse video shows just how jaw-dropping the sky sights were.

As we shared last Friday, 7 different incoming coronal mass ejections from the sun caused the Northern Lights to dazzle as far south as Alabama and that included overhead views in Missouri. In an almost unprecedented happening, the solar flares were so strong and constant, the Northern Lights were also visible on the horizon from many parts of Missouri Saturday night, too.

Dan Bush of Missouri Skies captured this incredible time-lapse video from Albany, Missouri showing the dancing colors in the sky over both nights.

According to Dan's description, this video was captured over a 7 1/2 hour period. Incredible.

According to NOAA's Experimental Aurora Dashboard, the Aurora Borealis display has calmed down a bit now with the Northern Lights expected to be visible Monday night in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Still, it was quite an experience to see the Northern Lights even visible overhead in Missouri to the naked eye. That virtually never happens so it was quite a treat.

Northern Lights Over Missouri on May 10, 2024

Gallery Credit: Doc Holliday, Townsquare Media

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