I see where ESPN didn’t learn much from the Brady Quinn plummeting pick saga a few years ago.  Had that been Brady Quinn of the Missouri Tigers, or  NIU Huskies or Kansas Jayhawks, there would have been no on air fuss whatsoever from the various talking heads.  But since he was Brady Quinn of Notre Dame, everyone got a bit crazy when his name wasn’t called.  Quinn’s NFL career confirms that the player personnel people got that one right.

This year we’re being treated to a remake of this drama. This time Mantei T’eo of Notre Dame is the star of the soap opera.  Thing is, 6’1” 240 and a 4.7 40 time don’t necessarily constitute first round numbers for a linebacker. That isn’t great size or speed in NFL linebacker terms. T’eo also didn’t look good at all against college football’s closest approximation to the NFL in the national title game.

Someone probably takes T'eo tonight, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if T’eo is still undrafted as Saturday begins.  And the guys and gals on ESPN will carry on much like some TV weather people do when a good snowstorm is on the way.