The Atlanta Falcons gave former Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins a 4 year $180 million deal to be their new starting QB. A lot of people think the Falcons overpaid, but I'm here to tell you I love this move by the Falcons, here is why...

If you have no desire to have to read my thoughts on this matter, that is totally fine, just watch me speak my thoughts in the YouTube video below.

If you are still with me, awesome, let me explain why I love this deal. First and foremost the Falcons have decided to make a plan and that is more than can be said for a lot of NFL teams. They decided we wanted stability at the quarterback position for the next 2 years, and flexibility after 2 years, and they got that with the contract they gave Kirk.

You can look over the details of the contract by clicking here, but the key point is that the Falcons are giving Kirk $90 million for 2024, and 2025, and after that, they only have $10 guaranteed to him for 2026, and 2027. This means the Falcons can spend the next two years having Kirk lead their young weapons and establish a culture of winning with their new head coach, and after the 2025 season, they can draft Kirk's replacement and have him sit behind Kirk in the 2026 season (much like the Chiefs did with Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes), before letting Kirk find a new home (maybe retirement), and moving forward with that young QB. It is a SMART plan, it requires Kirk to win and for them to not screw up the next QB but it is a solid plan.

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Meanwhile...The Vikings have no plan it seems...they have the 2nd best wide receiver core in the NFL and no one to throw them the ball except for Sam Darnold...yikes! The Vikings need to be aggressive in the draft this year or go get themselves a Justin Fields-type QB ASAP. You have to keep Justin Jefferson happy, he is your franchise and you can't risk him demanding a trade by mid-season.

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