We are facing a teacher shortage in the Land of Lincoln, but is it smart to make it EASIER to become a teacher? Here is what lawmakers are debating at the state capitol...

According to a recent article from The State Journal-Register, lawmakers in Illinois are debating House Bill 5057 which would make it easier for someone to become a teacher in the Land of Lincoln. The bill would create a new test for prospective teachers to take that if the person passed would make them eligible to teach K through 6th grade.

In the article, they say "The test would include content on foundational teaching skills and methods that would be appropriate for students first through sixth grade. The test will have elements that cover areas such as biliteracy, bilingualism, oral language development and foundational literacy skills." The article goes on to mention that if you failed a certain part of the test you could retake it until you are able to fully pass the test. They also mention that there currently is a test in place for prospective teachers to take however the proponents of the bill claim the one in place is too broad, to read more about this proposed new law, click here! 

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Why make it EASIER?

My concern with this proposed law is that it makes it EASIER for anyone to teach the MOST vulnerable students K- 6th...Doesn't that seem wrong? Shouldn't we be prioritizing making sure only the best of the best have access to teaching our kids? I get it Illinois has a teacher shortage, but that shouldn't mean we just let any old Joe Schmoe teach our kids. Make Illinois a more competitive state to live and teach in and the good teachers will come here. Don't lower the bar. Am I alone in this, or do you agree with me?

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