I'll share something with you as soon as I stop laughing which might be awhile. OK, I think I'm ready now. What I'm about to state is as true as it is funny. Illinois was just named the most dysfunctional state in America by the British.

These are not my words. I am of the opinion that it's in fashion to bash Illinois for everything and it's really gotten out of hand. But, this one made me laugh so I'm gonna share it anyway. The Daily Mail has just shared an insightful piece about how Illinois is the most dysfunctional state in America. The only way this gets better is if this honor is hand-delivered by Mr. Bean.

If you know what The Daily Mail is, you know there's a UK at the end (internet speak for United Kingdom aka Britain). Why did they just dump on Illinois? Well, the usual narratives we've heard a million times...crime...people are leaving...taxes are out of control...yada, yada, yada. These are things we know about Illinois already, but we that live in this part of America also know it's not that bad. Not even close.

I love the British. I grew up watching Benny Hill and learned most of what I know about girls from that show (Editor's Note: this explains a lot). The fact that they think Illinois is worth bashing from across the Atlantic Ocean is really a compliment if you think about it. I guess this distracts them from talking about their extremely dysfunctional royal family.

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