Lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln are discussing a bill that would prevent citizens from owning certain types of animals as pets. Is your pet on the list? Here is what you need to know...

According to an article from WCIA, Lawmakers in Illinois are considering passing a law that I didn't think would be necessary (but, apparently, it is!) that would BAN people from owning Kangaroos as pets... Yes, this is a real thing.

In the article, they say " the bill...would make it illegal to own servals, kangaroos, wallabies, and caracals, as well as all hybrid animals with those species. Current owners of savannah cats, a cross-breed of a serval with a domesticated cat, in the state would be grandfathered into the new law." The article goes on to mention how this law stems from an incident in suburban Chicago last year where a number of wild animals kept as pets escaped and posed a threat to the public, to read more about this potential banning, click here!

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Caution the coffee in the pot may be hot

We needed laws to tell us floors may be slippery when wet, hot coffee is hot, and don't drink bleach, so I guess it isn't TOO shocking that we need a law to tell people NOT TO OWN KANGAROOS...Kangaroos in Illinois make no sense. Illinois is so vastly different from Australia, it would be like owning an alligator in Northern Russia, just doesn't add up!

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