A SHOCKING lawsuit has been filed against a Public School in Illinois where students were told to keep what the school was asking them to do a SECRET from their parents. Here are the disturbing details...

According to an article from Illinois Policy, a public school in Chicago was pressuring kids into meditations and so-called "Hindu Practices" and the kids were told to keep this a secret from their parents. The former students are now filing a class action lawsuit against the public school.

In the article from Illinois Policy, they say "students were pressured to sign nondisclosure agreements to not tell their parents when they got home from school. Students were told if they didn’t sign the agreement it would affect their grades." The article goes on to mention that the Chicago Teachers Union is currently seeking more power to teach what they want and to be able to keep the pronouns kids want to be referred to a secret from parents. For more information on this story, click here! 

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This is a parent's worst nightmare

How can you not use this as an example to send your kids to private schools or homeschool your kids? This is disturbing beyond belief, not because of anything to do with Hinduism, it could have been Christianity or whatever, the fact that a PUBLIC SCHOOL is doing things and telling kids "don't tell your parents" is absolutely unacceptable no matter what the content is. Nothing that happens in a school should be unknown to parents, everyone involved with this disaster should be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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