If you bought cream cheese recently in Missouri or Illinois, there is an urgent bulletin you need to be aware of tied to a recall due to dangerous food poisoning possibilities.

I first saw Newsweek break the news of these cheese recall from Aldi stores in both Missouri and Illinois due to food poisoning concerns. It affects 4 different cheese products sold by Aldi in both states. I confirmed this through the official Aldi Product Recall website.

  • Whipped Cream Cheese Spread, with UPC 4099100101881
  • Chive & Onion Cream Cheese Spread, with UPC 4099100101751
  • Cream Cheese Spread, with UPC 4099100101737
  • Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread, with UPC 4099100101744

This is what the container may look like.


Here's the map shared showing Missouri, Illinois and 28 other states where this urgent recall is active. The belief is that the cheese many bought at Missouri and Illinois Aldi stores has potential salmonella contamination.

Infographic, Newsweek
Infographic, Newsweek

If you find that you have any of these 4 cheese varieties, you can return them to Aldi for a refund or discard them immediately.

Salmonella can become a very serious problem for the very young or very old. It also can lead to serious complications for anyone with a compromised immune system. Most who become sick with Salmonella believe they have the stomach flu as the symptoms are very similar.

You can check out the official statement from Aldi about this urgent recall of cream cheese.

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