Protests are exploding across the country and disrupting normal people's lives as they are just trying to get to work, travel, and more. Lawmakers in Illinois are considering a law that would severely punish protesters who try to impede your freedom to travel, here are the details...

According to an article from WTTW, lawmakers in Illinois are considering House Bill 5819 which would make it a Felony for protests to block major roads in the Land of Lincoln.

In the article, they say "The bill (HB 5819) comes on the heels of recent pro-Palestinian protests that blocked traffic on I-190 near Chicago O’Hare International Airport... a class 4 felony to block an “exceptionally busy roadway” for more than five minutes, which could potentially block emergency vehicles." The article goes on to mention how the current penalty for blocking roadways is a misdemeanor, to read more about this possible new law, click here!

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Get this law passed ASAP

The Democratic National Convention is coming to Chicago in August 2024, you can read about the Governor of Illinois saying that the state will be prepared for the protests by clicking here! If the state wants to protect the innocent citizens who live here and are traveling here then they should pass this law and make it clear to anyone who comes here to protest that they will be arrested and charged if they block major roadways. You can protest peacefully, I will always support that, but if you are shutting down roads and preventing people from living their lives or blocking emergency vehicles, then you should be prosecuted for that.

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