The Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson have split up...What is next for Russ, and what do the Broncos NEED to do in searching for their next QB? Let's break it down...

If you have no desire to read my thoughts (I don't blame you...) just watch my YouTube video on Russ and the Broncos splitting up here!

If you are still with are a trooper!

Let me start with the Denver Broncos...

The Broncos NEED to do two things, #1 they need to sign a veteran who fits with Sean Payton. The names that come to mind for me are Jimmy G., because he is accurate, efficient, and could just run Payton's system, and the other name is Jameis Winston. Winston is a starting caliber QB who has experience with Payton, and can hit the big play balls with the weapons that Denver has. The 2nd thing Denver NEEDS to do is to draft a QB, ideally, they could trade up and get a Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, or Jayden Daniels, if they don't end up with one of those three then they can start the veteran QB (Jameis), draft Bo Nix (or someone like him JJ or Penix Jr.), and let that rookie sit behind the starter for at least half a season. If the Broncos stick to that plan they should be successful.

Now for Russ...

Russ has to get OUT of the AFC ASAP...The AFC is loaded with good QBs and those are QBs that all can outplay Russ right now. He has to find his way to the NFC to Atlanta, Tampa, Washington, or Minnesota. Those teams would give him the reigns for 2 years, and he could be successful and reboot his career. IF the Steelers or the Patriots offer him the starting job (and the Patriots draft Marvin Harrison Jr.) those would be the two AFC jobs he should consider. Will Russ be able to lead a team to the playoffs and win a couple of playoff games again? I don't know...BUT if he does it with any of the teams I listed above he would give himself a chance to get his Hall of Fame chances pointing back in the right direction.

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