Major League Baseball's season has already started...HUH??? And "opening day" is on Thursday...why? What is the MLB doing? Here is my plan to fix the MLB...

If you have no desire to read my thoughts on how the MLB screwed up the start of their 2024 season, you can hear me speak my thoughts on the YouTube video below...

If you are still with me, fantastic! Let me explain...

The MLB started their 2024 season with the Dodgers and the Padres last week in Korea, a game that was on at 6 am central time, the game counted towards those team's record, and no one watched. In their ever "wisdom" they decided to then have a big Opening Day on Thursday, March 28th...when the Sweet 16 will have everyone's attention.

The main problem is that the leaders of the MLB don't understand the sports calendar. The MLB is bleeding in popularity and competing directly against the March Madness bracket for eyeballs is dumb. The MLB owns the summer season, but their season is so long that they kill all their summer momentum into their playoffs because it runs into football season. They aren't going to change that, but they can change the START of their season, how?

The MLB should have games on 1 at a time (March Madness-style, staggering the games) starting on Monday (today for example) after the opening weekend of the March Madness tournament. We just spent 4 days watching important sporting events at 11 am, all we want to do right now is watch sports at 11 am, it is spring break for most Americans. If the MLB schedules games at 10 am, noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after the 1st weekend of March Madness they would OWN the sports calendar these days!

How much fun would it be to be watching Yankees vs Cubs right now? Or Cardinals vs Rangers at noon today! It would be awesome!

The idiots in charge of the MLB schedule screwed up this year, take my advice and get it right next year.

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