The NFL Draft is this month and we know Da Bears are going to take a QB with the #1 pick, but what do they NEED to do with the number #9 pick? Trade back, take an offensive lineman, or what about a defensive end? Here is what they MUST do...

If you have zero desire to read my thoughts on what Da Bears need to do with the #9 pick in this year's draft, then you can listen to my thoughts by watching the YouTube video below...

If you are still with me after watching the video, let me explain further...

#1 - This only makes sense if the Chicago Bears draft Caleb Williams with the number 1 pick, which is what I want the Bears to do, more info by clicking here!

#2 - Assuming that Caleb Williams goes #1 to the Bears, that leaves 3 GIGANTIC holes in the Bears roster, starting Center, starting Edge (opposite Montez Sweat), and starting WR 3 (behind Allen and Moore).

So, my desire would be for the Bears to draft Harrison Jr, Nabers, or Odunze, at number 9, I would be happy with any of those 3 WRs at pick 9 if they are available. If they are not available I would hope the Bears trade down a couple of picks to the mid-teens while gaining a 2nd or 3rd round pick this year. The Bears have a depth issue in a couple of spots and could use more draft picks, trading down and getting picks would be a fantastic move. Finally, if they can't find a trade partner, and the top 3 WRs are gone, I would draft the best edge rusher available a guy like Dallas Turner. I would rather have the best edge rusher over Brock Bowers or either of the Offensive Tackles that were still on the board. Watch the video for further explanation on that.


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