Curtis Lovelace’s defense team wants evidence that he abused his second wife excluded from his retrial next month.

In a motion filed Friday, attorneys with the Exoneration Project asked Judge Bob Hardwick to reject prosecution evidence that Lovelace mistreated Erika Gomez, allegedly choking and trying to poison her.

Gomez had been barred from testifying in Lovelace’s first trial, and similar evidence had been ruled inadmissible.

The defense also objects to evidence that Lovelace was interested in Gomez romantically while he was still married to Cory Lovelace, and that Cory Lovelace was bulimic.

Curtis Lovelace stood trial a year ago for the death of Cory Lovelace in 2006. That trial ended in a hung jury.

The retrial is scheduled for February 27th in Sangamon County.

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