Officials in Kirksville are advising the public to be on the lookout for counterfeit $100 bills making the rounds.

Interim Kirksville Police Chief Justin Jones says officers received a report from a downtown business Monday that a customer had passed two fake $100 bills.

Jones says attempts to pass counterfeit money in Kirksville is not new. Usually, the fake bills are props that are marked, “For Motion Picture Use Only.”

In the case of bills found Monday, they were marked with the word "GECERESIZDIR," a Turkish word that means non-negotiable or not valid.

Chief Jones says, "It is not illegal to possess prop or other counterfeit bills. However, it is illegal to use these bills in place of legal currency. Kirksville Police asks that businesses and citizens be aware of these counterfeit bills in our community and be on the lookout for them."

Area businesses and individuals are advised to be on the lookout for the fake bills.
If you think you make have received a counterfeit bill, contact local law enforcement or a local bank so the bills can be checked.

You can also visit the United Secret Service website to identify bills.

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