It was one of the brightest sky objects seen so far in 2024. One eyewitness described it as "humongous". It was a gigantic green fireball that disintegrated over Missouri and video captured the moment in happened.

The American Meteor Society website documents this bright fireball that exploded over several states this week including Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and even as far away as Tennessee. Kathy Starr shared video of what this bright green fireball looked like over her home.

This was the moment of the fireballs entrance into our atmosphere. One report came from the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Kathy Starr via YouTube/American Meteor Society
Kathy Starr via YouTube/American Meteor Society

A user named 786veronika on YouTube said "In Lakeland I saw it around was humongous the biggest I have ever seen".

It's been a busy week in the skies over Missouri and Illinois as the following night yet another meteor was spotted over Chicago, Illinois and also several other states according to reports to the American Meteor Society.

There are no major meteor showers happening right now, but the Southern delta Aquariids are due to begin in mid-July. The alpha Capricornids should also begin around July 7.

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