I find weather intriguing yet understand very little about it and this is a great example. I've learned there are 10 Missouri towns that are more likely to get hit by a twister than any others.

Let's begin by asking (and answering) the question of what a tornado index is. FEMA defines it as "a community's relative risk for Tornados when compared to the rest of the United States". If you look at their helpful map, you'll notice most of Missouri is red which I don't think is a good thing when it comes to twisters.

Infographic, FEMA
Infographic, FEMA

This inspired me to do some digging for all of the tornado index scores for Missouri and I found it at USA.com. Here are the 10 Missouri towns that really need a shelter or basement built into homes.

10 Missouri Towns Most Likely to Get Hit by a Tornado

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I find it interesting that you don't see Joplin or some of the more famous Missouri places where tragic tornadoes have happened. If you dig deep into the Storm Prediction Center's database for tornado damage over the years, you'll see Missouri has some of the highest twister frequency in America.

It's that time of year when you need to be weather and storm aware knowing when fronts and storm systems are about to move through Missouri so you know when it's possible that the sky can and might drop a funnel down on your part of the state.

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