If you live in Central Illinois and are looking to fly south to warmer weather soon you won't have to drive to Chicago or St. Louis to catch a flight! Here are the details...

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According to NPR Illinois, there is a brand new airline service coming to the Springfield, Illinois airport that will take you directly from Springfield to Orlando, and Tampa, with affordable flights! In an article from NPR Illinois, they say...

"Breeze Airways will fly non-stop from Springfield’s Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport to Orlando International and Tampa International Airports, providing local travelers service to destinations like Disney World and Universal Studios. The company announced today it will be adding one-way flights starting at $49...Springfield is the first airport in Illinois where Breeze will offer services."

The article goes on to mention how Breeze Airways was founded in 2021 and is already in 22 states servicing 37 cities, and passengers when choosing their ticket option, will get to choose between the Nice, Nicer, and Nicest options. Breeze is now the third airline at the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport joining, American and Allegiant. For more details on this new airline coming to central Illinois, click here!

I love this for us here in the Quincy area! My wife and I love to travel and one of the most frustrating things about flying anywhere is the two-hour drive from Quincy to St. Louis. It is a much easier drive to Springfield, and I would imagine paying for parking and going in and out of the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is wayyyy easier than the St. Louis airport and certainly O'hare or Midway in Chicago.

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