They're twins if that were possible for earthquakes. Two seismic events struck the New Madrid Seismic Zone on Friday with one quake felt in Missouri and an identical shaker in southern Arkansas.

During my daily check of the USGS earthquake site today to see what the New Madrid Fault was up to, I noticed two earthquakes. Neither was large, but there was something very odd about them. First, there was a quake in the southern half of Arkansas which isn't normal. Second, the quakes were identical in strength and happened at nearly the same time. 


Both the quake that hit right across the river from New Madrid, Missouri was a 2.1 in strength and the one south of Little Rock was also a 2.1 and they were both at very similar depths, too.

Here's another strange thing I noticed. When I first saw the southern Arkansas quake, the "felt map" showed it was felt and reported by someone, but now there are no reports. It was erased?

I'm not trying to make a big deal out of teeny tiny 2.1 New Madrid earthquakes as quakes of that magnitude aren't strong enough to wake up a squirrel in a tree even if it happened directly under him/her/it. However, the timing, identical strength and what appears to be an erased felt report just strike me as odd.

Likely no big deal, but it does make you wonder what (if anything) might be imminent.

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