The City of Hannibal will once again remove the downtown flood gates beginning on Wednesday morning, according to an announcement published on the Hannibal/Marion County Emergency Management Facebook page.

At last the river has once again crested and going down nicely which means we will be pulling out the flood gates tomorrow Wednesday July 9th starting at 7:30 am . This has been a tough year with the river being on a roller coaster of up and down I hope this is the last time for us to have to deal with any kind of flooding at least this year."

The flood gates have been installed multiple times in 2013. Gates were first installed in April when the entire region saw heavy flooding and multiple road and bridge closures, including the Champ Clark Bridge in Louisiana and the Memorial Bridge in Quincy. The flood gates were in place for over a month. They were removed on May 22, then re-installed less than a week later. The gates were again removed on June 18, but had to be put back in place on June 28 because of rising waters.