Final, unofficial results are in from Marion County and Lewis County.

Here are the totals from contested races...

Marion County Western District Commissioner
Steve Begley (R) 4157 60.68%
Skip Wilson (D) 2687 39.22%

Marion County Eastern District Commissioner
Larry Welch (R) 3884 66%
Brooks Holley (D) 1995 33.9%

Hannibal Recyling Fee
Yes 4125 60.09%
No 2740 39.91%

Lewis County Northern District Commissioner
Deanne Whiston (R) 981 54%
John Campen (D) 845 46%

Lewis County Southern District Commissioner
Travis Fleer (R) 1,605 62%
Jesse Roberts (D) 967 38%

Lewis County Public Administrator
Luke Barton (R) 2,434 56%
Brett Bozarth (D) 1,905 44%

Lewis County Assessor
Tammy Logsdon (R) 2,490 57%
Carla Boudreau (D) 1,842 43%

In state and national races, voters in Marion and Lewis Counties overwhelmingly support Donald Trump for President and Republican candidates across the board in statewide races.